Inspiring Young Artists
One note at a time

The sole purpose of The Opus Music Foundation, a 501C3 organization,  is to aid young musicians' development as well-rounded artists focusing in the area where weekly private music instructions are not able to reach. Being a well-rounded artist not only requires a deeper understanding of music but also maintains mature and respectable relationships with those that surround them – In musicians' world where one’s subjectivity opens doors, understanding the importance of amicable interactions between fellow musicians all the while holding one's ideology is important. The Opus Music Foundation intends to provide a platform and learning opportunity for self-expression with sound ideology in a tradition-lead music world. The purpose of learning a musical instrument, however self-serving or for the good of the world, should always be based on love for music as its core, and it is The Opus Music Foundation’s goal to nurture and develop young musicians whose knowledge and purpose leave positive impact within self and in the community.