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Inspiring Young Minds
One note at a time

Opus Music Foundation aims to provide a credo for future compassionate musicians and classical music patrons who embrace cultural, ethical, and gender diversity. It is our goal to nurture and develop musicians whose knowledge and purpose leave a positive impact within self and in the community.


Founded in 2019, OMF has provided a platform and learning opportunities for self expression with sound ideology in a tradition-lead music world. Music education has no boundaries; it is a medium in which young minds experience common ground in each other’s lives and bring unity to the global community through performances and simply working together. 


Staying true to our mission, OMF currently has 3 types of programs; Training, Mentorship, and Purpose. Training programs such as Musicorum and various masterclasses provide students with academic learning opportunities. Mentorship programs like Backstage Series and Competition offers opportunities to work closely with various artists and acquire organizational skills. And lastly, Purpose programs provide community outreach opportunities where students can share their music knowledge for those in need. 

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