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On Stage Series

The On Stage Series provides young musicians with opportunities to showcase their musical talents and skills in front of a live audience. These concerts can range from solo performances to ensemble concerts as well as performance-lecture format. These performances are an excellent way to promote music education and encourage the next generation of musicians, providing a platform for young musicians to develop their skills and to build confidence in their abilities. 


Opus Music Foundation provides training for teachers whose passion is to help and guide those with learning disabilities, specifically Asperger's Syndrome, a type of autism spectrum disorder characterized by difficulties in social interaction, communication, and repetitive behaviors. We aim to provide tools teachers need to support students whose learning needs are unique, and aid the music community with a mentoring system for those who strive to become music teachers. Series of training sessions, workshops, and hands-on experiences are provided to help teachers develop the skills and knowledge needed to work with these unique talents. We aim to promote inclusive and accessible music education and provide support for children with special needs. 

Music Education Software Research & Development

Projects are youth board driven: One of the apps in development aims to prepare students for successful music theory test taking. Youth board members brainstorm, design, and develop the app that helps children learn music theory in a fun but useful way. It offers the most efficient online learning experience available that combines immediate interaction with the test material, instant feedback, and teaching resources to ensure the highest level of success. Topics covered ranges from basic note reading up to complex chords such as secondary dominant. 

The Backstage Series

Backstage Series of Opus Music Foundation's sole goal is to nurture young musicians' performance and non-performance aspect of self expression and growth. Each event is hosted by our students, inviting guests who are internationally acclaimed professors and performing artists, providing them with insights and advice on musician's life through interviews, masterclasses, and seminars. 

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Play with Me

Play with Me is a peer to peer program that enriches the young music students by providing them a purpose to inspire others. Follow us on our social media channels to see how our young musicians putting their talents to serve the community.

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Pelican Youth Competition

About the Competition

The Pelican International Music Competition is a competition open to young musicians from age 6 to 20 of any nationality in piano, strings, and flute. Launched by the Opus Music Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting musical growth in young artists, PIMC inaugurates its first season as a fully online music competition in various categories and age groups. 

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Performances Practice

This program consist of music history, performance practice, ensemble and performance preparation for auditions and competitions. Performance practice and pedagogical tradition is often passed down from great masters to their pupils generations over generations. Different schools of performance practice have their own niche, and the possibilities of various ways to perform are endless! 

String Quartet
Opus Young Scholars

Opus Music Foundation's Young Scholars are group of dedicated musicians whose aim is to become a well-rounded performers through guidance by world-class professionals. They have full-time pass to all of the Backstage Series events as well as having chances to perform on many masterclasses and concert events. They hold Council Sessions in which they discuss all things related to music with professors, parents of young artists, and distinguished conservatory-attending students. 

Flute Player
Musicorum Inspirante

Spark Imagination . Ignite Creativity . Instill Knowledge

This course is for students who wish to expand their artistic imagination and curiosity in order to become more well-rounded, thoughtful musicians. Through this class, students will develop necessary skills in research and analysis of music in its various forms (scores, recordings, performances, etc.), and learn to see artistic context as fundamental to not only understanding composers and their music, but also how that would affect their own creativity in making performance and stylistic decisions. By the end of the course, students will demonstrate their understanding of musical style and performance in their very own composition project. The mission is not to give vast information to students; rather, through understanding the world of the composer and by recreating the compositional process, students will be able to open up their mind to take in necessary knowledge and be inspired and self-driven to search for answers.

Sheet Music Edits
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