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The Opus Music Foundation Pilot Ensemble Program is designed for music collaboration in an organized and professional setting.  Students would explore music written for 2 or more instruments in the course of the study. 

Musician Playing Chello

The act of performing music together brings much joy and happiness within us, sharing with a live audience further purifies our very hearts and soul.  Many musicians around the world have drastically reduced their opportunities to play and share live music together during the Pandemic.  For young aspiring music students who have been practicing day after day would probably wonder if their hard work would ever see the light of the day, and for audience to appreciate their artistic vision.  A small ensemble setting of making music together instills students a series positive qualities for their musical growth; such as teamwork, responsibility, dedication, motivation and self-confidence.

We would like to thank the Opus Foundation for sponsoring this pilot program, Ms. Zhou Long for her dedication of preparing this program and parents for supporting the music sharing experience for young students.

一起演奏音乐可以带给观众无限的欢乐同时也会纯净我们的心灵。如今在疫情期间,世界各国的音乐家们不得不减少现场演出与观众互动的机会。 对于热爱的音乐的小音乐家们,每天在家努力练习琴艺就是为了有朝一日可以把他们最好的音乐展现给观众。 小型的音乐重奏表演可以教会学生们许多优良品质,比如团队精神,责任感,奉献精神,自信和自我推动力。


特别感谢Opus基金会提供这次室内乐项目和演出机会,也感谢龙舟老师为这次大提琴重奏演出的精心筹备, 家长们的积极配合支持。

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