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Grand Prize Showcase Award Rules


Eligibility:  The Grand Prize Showcase Award is open to 1st prize winners of PIMC Open Categories and extended invitation to second prize winners and Qualified categories winners by Judges’ recommendation.

Categories: Age 12 and under for all instruments

                     Age 13-15 for all instruments

                     Age 16 and above for all instruments


Applicants must not be under professional management.  ​


Application due:  May 6, 2023 by midnight. Completed application, fee, and video recording submissions must all be received by midnight on May 6th, 2023. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


Winners’ video submissions may be highlighted on the PIMC Website, YouTube Channel and other social media (at the discretion of the PIMC marketing team).

· Grand Prize—The Best overall performances in each category-$100 cash prize

· Exceptional Young Talent Award - Certificate

· Special Jury Discretionary Award- Certificate

· Special Brilliant Award- Certificate

· Audience Prize $100 cash prize

·*Extra Awards will be selected from the overall pool of instrumentalists.  


· One piece with no time restriction

· Need to be the same repertoire or a choice from the same repertoires from first round

· Due to pandemic, accompanist is not required. The lack of accompaniment will NOT affect the scoring

· All pieces must be performed from memory except for Flute

Application Deadline:  

Due May 6, 2023 at midnight. All materials must be received by the application deadline to be considered.

Application Package: Completed online application, video recording submission, and application fee. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 

Video recording submissions should be sent electronically via link to YouTube . Links should be included on your online application form.

Please make sure the following features is selected for  the youtube video link to ensure 

1. audience setting is set to be “NO, it’s not made for kids”

2. “Allow Embedding” under License and Distribution.


Application Fee: $60.00 USD (non-refundable).

Video Recording Submission: 

· Upload your videos to YouTube include links on your online application form.

· Please clearly indicate the performer's full name, instrument, and submitted repertoire in the video title and description. 

· Please make sure the following features is selected for  the youtube video link to ensure 

1. audience setting is set to be “NO, it’s not made for kids”

2. “Allow Embedding” under License and Distribution.

· Though high audio and video quality is strongly recommended, professional recording is not required.

· Submissions must be completely unedited during performances.  

· Video must show the performer's entire upper body, hands, and face throughout playing time.

· Check video for playability and privacy settings before submitting. Unplayable videos will disqualify applicant.

Rules and Information:

· Once submitted, all application materials become the property of PIMC and will not be returned.

· Once your application is submitted, no changes may be made to repertoire selections. Prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the Judges. Judges are not required to award any or all prizes.  

· All Judges' decisions are final. 

· Application fees are non-refundable.

· PIMC holds the right to change the rules if it will be necessary.


By signing your application, you agree to submit an honest and complete application and to follow the procedures and rules for performance. 

Announcement of Winners:  

Competition winners in each category will be announced on this website and by email on May27, 2023. Winners will also be notified by email directly. Winners must respond to their notification email no later than June 1st, 2023 to claim their cash prize.


Grand Prize Showcase Competition jurors will consist of three internationally recognized artists.

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